Supporting Resiliency in Our Military Children and Adolescents

This course is offered without charge to the participant due to support from Beyond The Yellow Ribbon - Southeast Minnesota and Tee It Up for the Troops.

Course Description

Did you know, in recent years, nearly 2 million children have had one or both parents in the military, state side or otherwise? The impact of this is an emerging focus for educators, caregivers and mental health professionals in Minnesota and across the nation.

Intended Audience

This course is designed to introduce educators, caregivers and mental health professionals to the military culture framework as well as the impact military deployment has on the child at different developmental stages. Methods for supporting the child and family in the classroom as well as at home will be explored. Through a common knowledge base, educators, caregivers and mental health professionals can begin to encourage continuation of working together to support and strengthen resilience in children and adolescents from military families.

Contact Hours (CEU Hours Based on 60 Minute Hours)

2.0 Hours

Course Objectives
  • Create a framework for military culture’s diverse experiences to assist in resiliency support.
  • Describe how a family’s military experience impacts children specifically by age and developmental stages.
  • Discuss positive and helpful methods to engage military families and support the needs of children within these families.
  • Assist in developing and finding resources to offer the children and families.

Full Syllabus
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